Friday, April 14, 2006

Forgive Tax Cheats

Radio talk show host Glenn Beck has set up a site called

The site is meant to parody the logic of those who are in favor of finding a way to legalize the status of millions of people who are currently illegal aliens.

The only weak part of the argument is actually the weak part of the legislation that has been wending its way through Congress: that tougher enforcement would come after the amnesty.

In both the case of amnesty for illegal aliens and the case of amnesty for tax cheats, the next logical step would be to change the system in such a way that people wouldn't be tempted to cheat. In the case of illegal immigration, the number of folks who are allowed in legally should rise sharply. Our country can easily assimilate many more people than it has been. The presence of the currently illegal population proves that.

In the case of tax cheats, the tax system as it currently stands should be abolished in favor of a system without loopholes, and with fewer taxes being taken in by a government that can confine itself to its proper role in society.

In the unlikely case that you read this, Glenn, I am a sick freak who gets it, and I've had a few chuckles over the material. I just can't believe that you weren't already aware that the Libertarian Party has been pushing this line for years:

As an interim measure, all criminal and civil sanctions against tax evasion should be terminated immediately. In the current fiscal crisis of states and municipalities, default is preferable to raising taxes or perpetual refinancing of growing public debt.



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