Friday, July 14, 2006

Swimming in a Burqa

Here's another bit of evidence one could use to argue that the United States is ripe for takeover by Islamic fundamentalists. Seems a small company in Oregon is selling women's swimwear that hearkens back to the styles of the early twentieth century.

The makers of WholesomeWear swimsuits would like women to cover up their tummies. And their backs. And their arms. And half their legs. The Oregon company, based outside Portland, sells a collection of swimwear online that consists of a wet suit topped by a dress. The spandex underpinning is not sufficient on its own because bystanders would still be able to make out the curves of the woman's body. The nylon overdress takes care of any audacious display of an hourglass shape.

Of course, the fact that consumers have more choices in the free market is always a good thing. But what a loss to men everywhere this summer!

I can see the point of having little girls wear things that are less sexualized, if only because of the extremely creepy men who seem to be lurking everywhere these days. But once you're a grown woman, enough of that! I'd rather live in MacBros' Place, than in a world where you go to the beach and see this:


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