Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Quick and Dirty Open Trackback Post

Today has suddenly and unexpectedly become very busy for me, but I wanted to make sure there was a post for folks who want to avail themselves of open trackbacks today.



This is this week's post. Click on the chicklet for an FAQ on open trackbacks. I'll manually post the links sometime Wednesday.

Update 7/20: Due to severe thunderstorms that came through our area on Tuesday afternoon, the offices of Tor's Rants and World Domination Ltd. were without power for about 36 hours, so I'm just now able to put up the links of those who trackbacked.

Angel proffers her take on civilian casualties in war, and terrorism's civilian casualties at Woman, Honor Thyself.

Bernie of Planck's Constant muses on the Old Gray Lady's imminent slimming down.

Head over to 123beta to read Butch's message about the current state of Freedom Watch.

And Ferdy, the Conservative Cat, wails about the media portrayal of sectarian violence in Iraq:

The cause of violence is not Shi'ites living side-by-side with Sunnis, it's regular people living side-by-side with evil, murderous scumbags. The Iraqi government needs to find evil, murderous scumbags and put them down. Are any Sunnis living in America or Great Britain killing Shi'ites?

Avi Green of Tel-Chai Nation submits for your consideration a piece that ponders Putinism. Wottheheck, I guess Avi's figured that today's the second Tuesday of the week, so I'll go along with that.