Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Colonial Theatre in the Republican Journal

Daniel Dunkle has written up a nice piece about one of my workplaces in the Republican Journal. Alas, Edward Young, the projectionist featured in the article, had his last shift on Thursday of last week. As Mike Hurley noted at his send-off, we all hope he gets fired from his new job, so he has to come back and work with us again.

And while I'm on the subject of the Colonial Theatre, I have to point out that Down East Magazine has named our humble movie house Number 36 on its list of "50 Things You Must Do This Summer."

Maine weather is unpredictable ("If you don't like it, wait a minute"), so it's a good idea to have a backup plan in case that August sunshine gives way to rain. The Colonial Theatre in Belfast is a true movie experience. Costumed ushers, themed movie premiere parties, a lobby full of interesting movie information, perhaps the nicest staff in any cinema, and ticket giveaway games make going to the pictures here a real pleasure. And somehow this small independent theater manages to get some of the big blockbusters before they open elsewhere in Maine. From the elephant on the roof to the wacky art-deco decor, the place is hard to miss (or beat). Call 207-338-1930 or visit for more information.

Nicest staff in any cinema, eh? Even the kids we throw out think so, according to Dunkle's quote of Mike Hurley:

Hurley doesn't seem to be bothered by people's behavior in the theater. He said it's part of the job to make sure people aren't making too much noise.

He adds that it's the wrong business for someone who does not enjoy working around kids.

Movie theaters are really the first place kids can go that aren't controlled by authority figures in the way that schools and churches are, Hurley notes.

"Kids we were throwing out of the theater are now coming back as adults and saying 'Can't you quiet those kids down,'" he said with a smile.



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