Monday, October 3, 2005

Serenity Rocks, Yet Doesn't Sell

Serenity is an awesome movie. My lovely wife Rowan and I took it in this weekend.

Yet it wasn't able to overcome Flightplan in this weekend's lackluster box office. I can only hope that word of mouth will get out about this sci-fi western gem, and that they will eventually earn enough of a profit to make another movie feasible.

The movie has everything that fans of the series Firefly would demand: great dialogue, solid acting and basic good storytelling. There are also a few surprizes in store, tho they provide some closure for some of the subplots from the series. The special effects are very good.

It's hard to tell how much anyone who hadn't seen the show would be able to get into it. The movie starts with a flashback via security feed, showing the doctor rescuing his sister from the "school" she had been attending. A quick orientation to the parameters of Alliance vs. Independents is given. But a lot of the dialogue and events would make more sense to those who know the characters' previous exploits.

The Reavers figure prominently in the story, and they are both fun and scary.



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