Monday, October 31, 2005

Black Cats and Pumpkins

In the interest of diversity in blogging, and in keeping with the season, Tor has invited a guest-blogger to submit a short essay on what makes Halloween so very special. Dylan Laurence Bean is a black feline-American who lives in Liberty, Maine.

thank you tor-kitty

reaching shift key hard

pardon small letters

halloween is good cos you get to shred -- er -- carve pumpkins

when can we start soon please tor-kitty

oh no tor-kitty is sick and taking drugs

but he smells good for once

i have idea just leave it to me

no need for knives my claws will get the best results

now lights out

see no tor-kitty could do that

can i have some vicks



happy halloween

be nice and keep your black kitties indoors tonight

No Silly-Dilly, Vicks is for, humans. I understand it brings out some nostalgic feelings from kittenhood (your first human used it so often), but I doubt it will do too much good for your mucus membrane. Thanks for subbing while I still recuperate.



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