Saturday, October 8, 2005

Isn't This What The GOP Campaigned On?

The U.S. House GOP sounds like it's going to get serious and make some spending cuts to offset tax cuts and hurricane relief spending. If they carry through on this (and I sincerely hope they do, and that the Maine legislature gets a clue and follows their example), they will finally be doing what the Republicans have been promising to do for my whole life.

Remember when the GOP held the house in the 90s? Yes, they campaigned on a Contract With America, but when they got into actual power, most of that went out the window. They started working on anti-abortion and anti-gay-soldiers legislation, instead. And spending didn't really go down -- it just sort of leveled off. As a libertarian, I have to say that I generally find government is most conducive to liberty when one party holds power in at least one of the houses of the legislative branch, and the other party holds a narrow majority in the other. That keeps either the GOP or the Dems from getting cocky and drunk with the power they have over our lives.



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