Monday, January 30, 2006

Steve Kubby is Dying Because of the War on Drugs

Steve Kubby, one-time Libertarian Party candidate for Governor of California, and one of the major proponents of the successful passage of that state's Proposition 215, also known as the Compassionate Use Act, is dying in a Placer County cell. Current updates should be available from his wife.

Kn@ppster has stirred up the blogstorm that will hopefully help raise awareness about this issue. While there is still always hope that Kubby will gain some relief from this publicity of his plight, at least we can try and keep this country's insane drug policy from taking more lives of peaceful citizens. Please read Kn@ppster's post, and at least click on some of the searches to keep Kubby on top for the next few days.

M.R. Jarrell has dug up contact info to beg Arnie for clemency, or pardon.

Michelle Shinghal at Hammer of Truth does what the G-Men don't want us to do, and uses dispassionate statistical analysis on Drug War numbers.

Sheldon Richmond does the best job of concisely putting this episode into the context of the Drug War. Wish I'd written that post. He even manages to work James Frey into it.

Speaking of James Frey, and the extreme success his book has had since Oprah had him on again to rake him over the coals for making it all up, I am trying to think of a way to get Oprah mad at me so I can make money off of it. I don't care what lies I have to tell, as long as it's guaranteed that I'll get on her show, and that she'll get angry at me, and that she'll assemble a panel of folks who will go tsk-tsk while I give evasive and sheepish answers.



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