Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Idiots On Ice

Wow, not only did the snow storm yesterday shut down the schools in Maine, it also somehow brought out the idiot drivers.

First miscreant: a black pickup truck, Maine tags 4064 IJ. He pulls right out in front of my Range Rover (I swear I'm just as invisible in it as I was in my departed Honda Civic) as I'm heading west on Main St., Belfast. He is entering from Rt. 1 South, near Renys. Immediately fishtails (surprize, surprize). Would have had lots of time for a leisurely acceleration if he had waited for me to pass.

Second miscreant: a little dark-colored car, possibly with Maine tags 8511 AQ. I had to write this one down without taking my eyes off the road, so I'm not positive about that. We're heading up the hill just south of Lincolnville Beach on Rt. 1. A bright pink temporary diamond sign on the side of the road alerts, "ACCIDENT AHEAD." My reaction? Slow down. His reaction? Pass me (going uphill, remember) and accelerate! And upon seeing the second sign, and the police lights, slam on the brakes! And nearly slide into the SUV that is already in the ditch, awaiting the tow truck!



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