Wednesday, January 4, 2006

Life Goes On in Dover, PA

Here's a procedural footnote in this round of the Intelligent Design debate.

I happened to be listening to a Christian radio station talk show on the way home tonight, and this was the subject du jour. One of the panelists (perhaps Paul Nelson) on the show put asserted that science as a whole "made a wrong turn in the 19th century" by coming to purely naturalistic understandings of how the universe operates. To that extent, where he was merely opining, he can't be faulted. I can state clearly that I believe he is wrong, but he can't be faulted.

The real head-scratcher came when he said that there now exists an "overwhelming, irrefutable" body of evidence that scientists need to rethink their naturalistic outlook, and that he is excited to live in a time when most scientists are poised to throw out their current naturalistic outlook in favor of a theistic one.

Sheesh, talk about living in a fantasy world. I don't think Neil de Grasse Tyson sees it that way.



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