Friday, November 24, 2006

I Got Paid by PayPerPost

I'm back from the extended out-of-state training sessions, and am happy to report that the whole time I was gone, PayPerPost was steadily dropping payments in my PayPal account for the posts I had written in the previous month. At this point, since my blogging took a backseat to my other jobs over the last thirty days, they've caught up with my posts. I've been paid $286.01 to date, and have sent six bucks to charity. That averages out to about seven bucks a post. Not too shabby. Since the average post takes me fifteen to twenty minutes to write, that's an hourly rate in the twenties.

I also got a box full of goodies from Edmund Scientific in the process, and I've still got a few of those to review.

I do seem like an underachiever compared to the folks who are on the leader boards at PPP, with their thousands in earnings. But for a blogger like me who wants to pick and choose the advertising that appears in blog posts, PayPerPost is an easy way to get some extra spending cash. Knowing that there's a stream of cash coming every few days makes blogging fun.



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