Saturday, December 31, 2005

Honda Civic, RIP

I've got a quick moment this morning to explain why there's been a dearth of posting on my part this week. My 1990 Honda Civic died on Christmas night. Something locked up in the steering mechanism as my lovely wife Rowan and I were leaving my parents' house. The next morning, I removed the ignition assembly and determined that that wasn't to blame. I put the car up on ramps and looked at the steering components underneath while my dad wiggled the steering wheel, yet I couldn't see anything obvious. Whatever it was would have required a trained mechanic to fix, and doubtless the bill for the labor would have been more than the car's value.

So now my parents have graciously lent us the car my mom usually uses to get to work. My wife's Volvo sprang an oil leak at the camshaft bearing a couple weeks ago, and our Range Rover has needed brake work for a while. My brother helped me replace the parking brake cable last week, and now I am in the midst of replacing the rear rotors and pads. I got the right side done Thursday night, and of course there were complications to the complications. I ended up rebuilding the caliper, and replacing the brake line. I'm soon out the door to work on the other side, which stymied me because I couldn't get the tire off. My lug wrench actually got bent in trying to remove some of the lug nuts. Fortunately, my dad had one of my grandfather's old breaker bars with the right size socket to use, so things should go better today.



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