Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Ford, Land Rovers and Advertising in the Gay Press

Ford has decided to stop placing ads for Jaguar and Land Rover products in some gay publications. Some gay rights advocacy groups are suspicious that this comes so soon on the heels of Ford execs' meeting with the American Family Association to avoid a boycott.

It is interesting to note that Ford is still going to place ads for its Volvo products in those publications, which lends some credence to their statement that the ad placement decisions are purely business decisions. As someone who briefly worked for a small publisher in Maine, and who placed ads in a smorgasbord of periodicals, I can attest to the fact that ad placement is as much guesswork and dart-throwing as it is a rational discipline. Anyone who advertizes knows that most of their ads are for nought.

As an owner of an '87 Range Rover, may I say it doesn't matter to me one whit where Ford advertizes. It probably will have little or no effect on me. I'm one of those people advertizers hate, because I remember the ad (if it's good), but rarely the product name.



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