Sunday, August 21, 2005

Whitney Azoy's Back!!

Whitney Azoy has written another column for the Bangor Daily News. It's been quite a while since the cultural anthropologist and expert on Afghanistan has sent a missive from that land, and, as usual, it's a wonderfully informative piece. I hope it will be just the first in another regular series.

One important part of the column concerns what the "Islamic extremists" want:

The main aim of Islamist struggle is, purely and simply, to be left alone - politically, economically, and even culturally. True, there's some talk of worldwide domination, but few Islamists take it seriously. Most, instead, merely want us out - out of Palestine, out of Chechnya, out of Iraq, out of their military bases, out of their royal or presidential palaces, out of their oil reserves and profits, even out of their print and broadcast media.

On that note, I'd like to suggest for further reading the Libertarian Party's plan for withdrawing from Iraq.



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