Tuesday, May 24, 2005

May the Sound Be With You

Of course you know what movie the wife and I have just seen. Other than to say that it was pretty good (THANK YOU FOR NOT SUCKING AGAIN, G.L.), I'll leave most analysis to others, or for a later date. One thing that was noticeable to me was that the soundtrack was very well balanced, which is a rarity in movies these days. For instance, in Kingdom of Heaven, one minute you're straining to hear what some Saracen is saying, and the next you're being blown out of your seat by music. The most extreme example of this I've experienced as a projectionist lately was Phantom of the Opera. When the characters spoke, they nearly whispered. When the chandelier lit up and the phantom's theme played for the first time, they could hear it two blocks away. One lady actually left one showing of Phantom for that reason.
Revenge of the Sith kept a nice, rich sound envelope from scene to scene. You can make out every word, which is especially important with the droid and alien characters. Explosions and music are as they should be: part of an enjoyable movie experience, not headache-inducers. Good job, soundtrack guys!
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