Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Hey FEC : Don't Tread On Me

The Federal Election Commission is drafting regulations for political speech online. As a newbie blogger, I find this story extremely chilling. The assurances that "normal citizens" won't be affected do little to abate my unease.
Let's watch this very closely. Actually, let's start yelling about it right now. No sense in waiting.
We have in the internet a very cheap way for folks to get their ideas out, and ideas can include propaganda. I think most folks online have pretty good BS-meters. I think most folks online do a pretty good job of finding information about topics that interest them, especially political information. Sites that are just fronts for particular candidates or parties are pretty easy to spot.
I really don't like the idea that certain "journalistic sites" would be exempt. Now the FEC is going to decide who is a bona fide journalist, and who is a party shill? I've got some nominations for the latter, and they would include many "main stream media" outlets.