Thursday, May 12, 2005

Idiot Drivers

I found this board over at LiveJournal at the top of the Google heap for "Idiot Drivers." I have decided that, when all other muses fail to inspire, I will simply catalog the Idiot Drivers I meet on a daily basis. I will name names.

Monday, Route 3, quitting time. Heading west from Belfast on Route 3. A Big Scary Truck is about ten feet off my rear end. We're doing fifty in a forty-five zone. We get to a straightaway and it passes me. Despite my courtesy of letting off the gas (as required by law), the S.O.B. driving the truck for Salem Wholesalers cuts in about two feet from my prow. He takes off at about seventy mph. Within ten seconds, he's on someone else's tail. Way to go, guys. I'll be looking for your tag on all the furniture I won't be buying.

Tuesday morning commute, Route 3, heading west into Belfast. A green pickup is on my tail. He's got plenty of straightaway to pass me, and eventually does. The truck's license is MDOT 1815. He takes off at about 75mph in a 45 zone, and turns right into the Hutchinson Center. That reckless driving shaves a whole 20 seconds off his commute. I'd think the gummint workers would be a little more careful with the taxpayers' investment. Especially when it's prime time for children to board school buses.

Wednesday evening commute, Route 3 (where else), another tailgater. A vaguely gold-to-cream colored Chevy. Maine license 6423 CA. Passes me, tailgates another. Turns left onto 131, tailgates these other poor folks all the way into Montville. Turns right onto 173, takes of at about 70mph in a 45 zone. Damn near hits a bicyclist when cresting an uphill curve.

I know it's not very Buddhist of me to get irate at these clods, but I can't help myself. Guess I really need to do much much better at trying to meditate.


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