Friday, February 25, 2005

The F-Bomb at War, or at War with the F-Bomb?

As a part-time projectionist at a local theatre, I am always being asked my opinion about the suitability of current films for children. I think Variety's description of the hearing appealing the "R" rating for this movie is a good argument for revamping the rating system. We need a rating system that simply enumerates incidents of bad language, nudity, sexual innuendo or violence. To be truthful, I think that some of the violence that occurs in PG-13 movies is a bit much for most 13-year olds.

I had several people ask me, after they had already bought their tickets and seated their family to see Meet the Fockers, whether it was okay to take their 6 or 7-year olds. The only comment I could really give was, "If you saw the first movie, and thought it was ok, you'll think this one is ok, too. If you thought it was inappropriate for your kids, this one will be even more so." The PG-13 rating in and of itself was of little help to the parents.


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