Thursday, February 24, 2005

Can't Get There From Here

The good folks at have counseled me that I should get a new gear shift lever for the Range Rover, and not try and mend the one I've got. Thereto, I have bought a salvaged item from eBay for about 80 buckaroos. Hopefully, I'll have a warmish day after it arrives to try and install it. A pleasant late winter/early spring project, eh? I remember two falls ago, I had to rebuild all four brake calipers, replace the front rotors and all four sets of brake pads. The first side of the front axle took about 12 hours. The other side, once I knew what I was doing and had all the tools to hand, took about 4. The rear, of course, not involving new rotors, took about 5 hours for both sides.

The one thing you should know, if you have to change a rotor on the front of a Range Rover Classic, is that you should do everything possible, and then some, to keep track of the swivel housing drain plug. I put the drain plug, the level plug and the fill plug into a plastic bag, sealed it, and put it in the back of the truck for safekeeping. Of course, when I needed them back, I found the drain plug was no longer in the sealed bag. I must have spent two hours on the lawn, patting it with my palm, to no avail. I had to wait two days, and pay eight bucks for shipping a 75 cent plug.


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