Sunday, June 4, 2006

Winsome Gunning Art Walk

This week's blog renter in the right-hand column is Winsome Gunning Art Walk. To quote from her eBay store:

Winsome Gunning lives on Australia's Gold Coast. Her paintings show special moments, walks on a beach, planting flowers, a frangipani night, moon over the sea, birds flying in the sky, an orange tree, a moment of solitude & peace.

The blog itself isn't just about hawking stuff on eBay, tho. Her blog is more about the creative process, especially for art. As a blogger who at times has experienced writer's block, I can certainly relate to her struggles. Here's a part of a recent entry:

Look around you and think of the energy and time spent in collecting and caring for possessions. How much is what you truely need and how much is what you think you should have.

We don't need a lot to create with power and strength. What we need is a state of mind, a state of spirit.

Society is clogged down with 'objects'’ that need to be paid for and cared for, but there is a line between need and greed and when that line is blurred 'The Creative Spirit' in our work and lives is quickly impeded. Our lives all too easily become blocked by objects and the freedom and joy that nourishes creativity is lost.

Do go and have a look. Beautiful artwork abounds.



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