Monday, June 26, 2006

Jeffrey Kaelin of Winterport Summoned for OUI

Oops. Donna Gilbert has been catching the breaks lately. First she won the June Democratic primary against veteran legislator Joe Brooks in a recount, after the inept election officials made some tally sheet errors and declared Brooks the victor. Now, her November Republican opponent, Jeffrey Kaelin, might have to be chauffeured to and from campaign functions, assuming he's not in jail for part of the campaign season. If this is his first offense, he might not get any jail time. If any of the nine previous convictions referred to in the article are also for OUI, he might have to spend some time in the slammer.

The article's quotes from the police report suggest that Kaelin might have been trying to influence the officer to treat him differently, due to his being an incumbent legislator.

Kaelin told Stuart he was a legislator, admitted to having had a few beers that night and said he was on his way home, the police report said.

During his Intoxilyzer test, he reportedly told police, "You guys should be out charging people that are doing bad things." Stuart noted that Kaelin "then went on to lecture me about OxyContin and heroin."

That's the funny thing about drugs, be they alcohol, OxyContin or marijuana. If you do them at home, at a time when you won't be operating any heavy machinery (e.g. a 2006 Ford pickup), you likely won't be doing any "bad things." To yourself, maybe, but not to other folks.

Once you get behind the wheel and start smashing into other people's stuff, or into other people (the latter which Kaelin fortunately avoided doing), you are doing very, very bad things.

It will be interesting to see how Kaelin handles this during the campaign. And if the voters care. If I were a voter in his district, I would vote against him. He's obviously on at least a minor power-trip due to his legislative post. When people like that are in the legislature, regardless of their party affiliation, things go badly for Maine citizens.



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