Thursday, July 14, 2005

Life and Death

Things have been quite busy for me lately, keeping the blog posts down to a minimum. As I alluded to in a comment, I have worked a few extra hours in my evening job lately because one of the other projectionists has a wife who has had a kidney transplant. That got me quite tired, but now I'm almost back to my normal level of fatigue.

But I did make the trek yesterday to that section of Maine that I like to call "almost Massachusetts," in order to attend a celebration of the life of the wife of a coworker from my day job. When you're going to a memorial service, you never really know what's in store, but this one was as special as the woman who was being honored.

She had planned the whole thing, right down to the music. It started with "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," and ended with the Beatles' "In My Life."

The most important thing was the participation of the family members who told their tales. I had only met June a couple of times, but even in those little glimpses I was able to see how special she was, not only to them, but to humanity in general.