Monday, June 13, 2005

Freeware JPEG Cropper and Rotator

I have just found a great freeware program that will help anyone who has to rotate and crop a lot of JPEG files in a hurry. That's all it does, and it does it well. JPEGCrops rules! I had been using the photo editor that's a part of the 602PC Suite, but that one requires that each file be opened and cropped and rotated and saved. Very laborious.
JPEGCrops lets you open all the JPEGs you want to alter, crop and rotate them in one fell swoop, and save the reformatted files to another folder so that your original files are still available. I just cropped and rotated 45 jpegs in about 15 minutes, and that was the first time I used the program!
I am such a mooch!