Friday, June 10, 2005

Downing Street Memo

The Downing Street Memo has been getting a lot of foreign press since its release by The Sunday Times of London on May 1.  I had only heard about it from liberal bloggers and WERU programming until the Bush/Blair news conference.
Fox News admirably gave it some coverage and surprizingly even-handed analysis a few days prior to that.
My initial take on it is that the information is far from the "irrefutable proof" that the Bush-haters want it to be that the Iraqi War was started on false pretenses.  I wish the war had not been started, but I won't allow my displeasure with it to color my analysis of the memo.  The memo does seem to give an impression that foreign intelligence circles in general were unsure of their information, or at least were scratching their heads over why Iraq had to be dealt with before so many other threats.
We will be following this closely, if it picks up any steam.  Which, after the news conference, seems unlikely.

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