Friday, August 13, 2004

Friday the Thirteenth

CSICOP announcement Mailing List: Friday the Thirteenth Bashes in L.A., Buffalo, Philly

There is no doubt that my Friday the Thirteenth mostly lived up to the hype. First off, let's revert to the tradition of the day beginning from sundown of the previous day. Last night, I was up till 10pm trying to get an ailing alternator off my usually trusty Range Rover. I just couldn't find the 13mm socket that I knew I had somewhere. All the bolts had come off with a wrench, save one.....of course, it was the one that was easiest to reach. I sprayed WD40 liberally upon the bolt, and figured I'd have it off in the morning.

It was raining beyond all expectation this morning. I decided against trying to get that last bolt, since I'd end up getting soaked in the process. Little did I know.

Down our dirt road toward the pavement of civilization I find a car stopped, just this side of a birch tree that had fallen on the road. I got out, and with some help from the lady in the other car, moved the tree just enough so we could get around it. And got utterly soaked and muddy in the process.

Home I went, to clean up and change. Already a bit late, I headed out for Rockland, a longer drive than usual commute to Belfast. Except now there was a noticeable shudder to my car's progress. I stopped at the Fraternity Village General Store, and found one of my front tires at only 18psi. I pumped it back to 32, and went on my way. Car still shuddering, though.

I eventually got to Belfast, after a prolonged stop at Rockland. Got a page from my wife, and found out someone's car had rolled into her parked car. She's all right, and the car only had minor scrapes and dents. Just as we're getting ready to take it to Campobello for a week.

Tomorrow I'll get it checked out, I promise. At least it stopped raining this afternoon, and I was able to get the alternator off the truck and to the rebuild shop.

Don't tell me triskaidekaphobia is baseless!!


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